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Satta King Result chart 2021

2020-10-13 09 01 XX XX
2020-10-12 97 01 41 26
2020-10-11 41 57 75 91
2020-10-10 91 59 57 89
2020-10-09 13 66 02 25
2020-10-08 45 77 71 14
2020-10-07 09 30 80 48
2020-10-06 75 28 07 00
2020-10-05 27 98 26 97
2020-10-04 25 10 25 85
2020-10-03 78 43 63 36
2020-10-02 94 86 00 05
2020-10-01 XX 94 44 82

Satta King Result charts

Give A Chance To Your Luck By Playing Satta King.

Many times we think that if there is a modification in our fate. But it is not possible every time a miracle happens. You can create your miracle by playing a special game called Satta king. You must be acquainted with the term of this game. It is an old game and is played by generation after generation. The game became popular during the era of the 90s.

Why is the game earning popularity?

The game has been gaining popularity for the last decade. The game was played offline by the street boys in the 1990s. It was said that the boys were addicted to this game. Slowly, the game was recognized as gambling. Despite so many impediments, the game is still being played by various players. The best part is that nowadays everyone is playing online. There are high-risk factors for playing this game. If you can win then you don't have to think about your upcoming life. The company offers a high amount to the players who are winners. On the other hand, those who will lose it, then have to lose all their belongings.

More About The Game.

Under the game of Satta King, there are many types of games. One such game is Superfast Satta king. If you want to try your luck by playing this game, then you need to provide your bank details. The company will verify all your documents and if they find them suitable, then only they will allow you to play.

Let's come to the satta game. The satta king game is that you have to match your numbers with the company's number. If it gets matches then the company will provide you 90 times your total investment. Yes, you heard right. For instance, if you have invested the least amount of 100 rupees, then you will get 90 times your amount. The amount will be 9000. Now, it will depend on how much you want to invest.

What are the risk factors of the game?

The risk factors of the game are that if you lose the game then you have to pay 40 times your money. For instance, if you have invested 100 rupees, then you have to pay 40 times of rupees 100, which means 4000 rupees. It is a great amount. Now, the amount will depend on how much you are investing in. We must share one secret with you. When you see that you're winning almost, then you should stop your satta game there. Gamers usually don't want to stop there. To earn more money, they started to invest more money. Now, if they lose the game, then all his possession will be a list.

You can view the Satta king results on the internet on their website. You should not worry about your money. If you win, then your money will automatically get credited. On the other hand, if you lose then the amount will be debited.

What are the basic requirements of the game?

There are only a few prerequisites for the game. The requirements are as follows.

● You need a laptop or desktop. If you don't have any device, then you can use your mobile phone as well.

● You have to provide your bank account details. They will verify it. If anything unsuitable is found, then the company must reject it.

● The various slots of the game require hardly 10 to 15 minutes. You should have this specific time.

● The company will also ask you about your details. You have to provide all the information correctly. If anything wrong information is found, they might reject you.

Which one is better to play online or offline?

We have already mentioned that the game can be played online as well as offline. However, there are some different rules in the case of offline and online. In the case of online, you can play with any people and at any time of the day. In offline cases, you have to play with your partners.

In the offline Satta king game, there is a presence of marks. From there the company take out the number and you have to match it with you. In the case of online games, everything will be conducted online and your number will be displayed on the screen. The game is gaining popularity for the last 3 and 4 decades. However, there are some issues which the game is facing. The government is trying to ban the hand as people are losing all their possession.

Satta King game is not a new game but still, it has regained its popularity. People like to play this game as it can change fate at any time of the day. If you want to play the game then invest a little amount.

Want to Know Satta king?

Satta king is a game like lottery. Satta King game is purely based on numbers and on luck. User doesnt necessarily need to have technical knowledge. Satta means gambling in English which is played all over india.To maintain the consistency in Satta king game use should really spend time to to play this game.

History of Sattaking

Sattaking game was establishes way before indian independence. Before people used to call this name as satta matka. Matka means pot. Satta king game is all about betting. In Earlier days people used to bet on opening and closing rates of cotton which transmitted from new york cotton exchange to bombay cotton exchange through teleprinters.The founder od Satta king isRatan Khatri . This game was most popular in 1980's to 1990s.People used to make bets on opening rates and closing rates of cotton.

Know here to play Satta king

Satta king can be played both in online and offline modes. Satta king online player should download the application from googlpr play store.There are four types of satta king games :satta king Gail, Satta king Desawar, Satta king Faridabad, Satta king Ghaziabad. The game follows same procedure for online and off line modes. Firstly player must select a number from 0 to 99.Then bid the money accordingly,player must wait until the results comes.If the result is your selected number then 90% of the amount what you have bid is given to player.

Satta King Terms & Conditions

Some treminologies of Satta king game are:Single- any single digit between 0 to 9.Pair/jodi- Any pair of numbers means double digit between 00 to 99.Patti/panna-Any three digit from 000 to 999.Open result/close result- The betting result first par is open result and seconf result is close result. Satta king’ Here we will describe some of the terms used in Matka Game & their meaning in the game. Matka - Matka is a big jar or pot which is used to draw numbers.9. Berji - This is the last digit of the jodis sum .